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Who are we?

My.Shop Group, the premier destination for all your health, beauty, and fragrance needs. We are proud to bring together three distinct brands under one umbrella: MySupplement.Shop, MyBeauty.Boutique,

and MyPerfume.Shop

A Message from our founder

Hey there!

At MyShopGroup, combining the best of MySupplementShop, MyPerfume.Shop, and MyBeauty.Boutique, I believe that being at the heart of e-commerce and online retail means more than just selling products. It's about pushing for a better service and experience every single day. My mission is to create a seamless and enjoyable shopping journey for you, from the moment you browse our site to the second your order arrives at your door.

Here's what I'm all about:

Transparency: I’m committed to giving you all the details you need about our products, including ingredients, sourcing, and manufacturing processes. No secrets here!

Quality: You deserve the best, so I focus on providing high-quality products that are safe, effective, and rigorously tested. Whether it's supplements, beauty products, or perfumes, only top-notch items make it to your cart.

Customer Service: Need advice or support? I’m here for you. Personalized, friendly, and knowledgeable service is what I strive for, because your satisfaction is my priority.

Community: I believe in fostering a sense of community among beauty enthusiasts, fitness lovers, and fragrance aficionados. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, let’s connect, share, and support each other’s journey.

Trustworthiness: Building trust with you through honest and ethical business practices is key. Fair pricing, clear communication, and integrity are at the core of what I do.

By focusing on these values, I aim to elevate your shopping experience and set a new standard in online retail. If there's anything you need or any way I can improve your experience, don't hesitate to shout!


Chris Price

Founder, My.ShopGroup

MySupplement.Shop is dedicated to supporting your fitness and wellness journey. Whether you are an elite athlete or just beginning your fitness adventure, we offer a wide range of high-quality supplements and vitamins designed to help you achieve your goals.

We prioritize transparency and quality, ensuring that every product we offer is rigorously tested and clearly labelled. Join our community of fitness enthusiasts and find the support and products you need to excel

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MyPerfume.Shop offers an exquisite collection of fragrances from around the world, helping you find your signature scent. Our handpicked selection of luxury perfumes is designed to elevate your senses and leave a lasting impression.

We believe that a great fragrance can transform your mood and make a memorable statement

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At MyBeauty.Boutique, we believe in enhancing your natural beauty with top-of-the-line skincare and cosmetic products. Our curated selection features trusted brands known for their commitment to quality and innovation.

Whether you seek a new skincare regimen, the latest in makeup trends, or expert beauty advice, MyBeauty.Boutique is your trusted partner in all things beauty

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Join us at My.Shop Group and discover a world where quality meets convenience, and where your satisfaction is our priority.

Explore our brands and experience the difference that dedication to excellence can make

Why Choose My.Shop Group?

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Ensuring that only the highest-quality products make it to our shop, guaranteeing customer satisfaction

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Customer Service

Offering personalised advice and support from knowledgeable and friendly staff

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Upholding honest and ethical business practices, fair pricing, and clear communication

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